Fine Art Classes, Workshops and Instruction by Anne Enochs | Testimonials
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Here are some student comments/testimonials about my classes and my art:

I waited way too long to take her Drawing Class…it was  a wonderful class and taught me more in 10 classes than in all the years and classes I had taken before.  As you work your way through “Drawing On The Right Side Of The Brain” it is an amazing revelation to see yourself improve and get those “ah ha!” moments when things come together for you.  I have taken her pastels class and she is a master in that area…Also the color class which I so enjoyed and learned from.  One of the perks of her classes is the friendships you form with other students…the social aspect of the classes is such fun.  I truly recommend her as a teacher and really neat person just to know.- Lynda R.

Ms. Anne Enochs is an accomplished multimedia artist well versed in the use of pencil, charcoal, acrylics, oils, pastels, and the theories of perspective and color. But more important to those of us who are her students is her skill as a teacher. To be a good art teacher requires more than accomplishment as an artist. It requires dedication and an intuitive understanding of the student’s learning process. Ms. Enochs is a superb teacher who takes great pleasure in watching her students develop their skills to levels they did not believe possible.  Chuck F.



I have taken one art course from Anne ~ the Color class, which met at her studio. She is a painter herself and a skilled pastel artist. Consequently, she is very knowledgeable about her subject! She communicates information well and makes good use of the teaching time with her students. I hope to take more classes from Anne! -Jane B.

I have been in several of Anne’s art classes. I feel she is a dedicated, concerned teacher, offering us the expertise she has learned over the years. -Peggy G.

Had an opportunity to visit the studio and saw some amazing artwork! Very talented artist! -Phil H.

Anne is an excellent teacher. She teaches the fundamentals of drawing and the understanding of color, allowing you to recognize and create colors you normally overlook. I have been a student of Anne’s for three years and her training has allowed me to produce art that I did not think was possible. Jim H.

I loved the “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain” classes. I couldn’t draw a stick figure when I started and now I can do portraits and pictures that look pretty good. Anne is very laid back, funny & easy going. She’s an excellent art teacher and I hope to take more classes from her. -Tammy B.

Anne is a natural teacher. She is fun to be around and her classes are not intimidating for the beginning artist like me. I highly recommend her. -Don M.

Anne Enochs is an excellent art teacher! Anne’s approach to teaching the basics in drawing and painting instills a ‘can-do’ knack to a novice art student. During each lesson or art support session, Anne provides vital, applicable art tips to students that makes each class/session very enjoyable and productive. You will enrich you art skills to your maximum level with Anne’s guidance. A Very positive experience! -Mary Lynn S.

I took a drawing class with Anne several years ago and was thrilled with what I found out I could do. Anne was very thorough with making sure you were doing everything correctly and it was fun too! I will definitely take another class (hopefully) soon. -Jo S.

Anne’s approach to teaching art is to concentrate on basics: drawing, composition, and color theory. I have taken plein air classes with her and a class based on Betty Edward’s book on color. Anne is a generous and insightful instructor whose advice is tailored to where the student is at the moment. After every class with her, I feel as if I have learned something new and useful–and most important, I leave eager to continue painting! -Kathleen S.

Anne is great teacher. I have learned so much from her and plan to attend more classes as soon as I can schedule it. She really makes you work while teaching you valuable skill sets. When I do draw at home, I can hear her voice in my head reminding me how to approach each step in my drawing. She is encouraging and fun to be around. If you already know how to draw, you should try one of her pastel workshops. They are fun and you learn so much. -LaFaye H.

I’m basically a photographer and lately have gotten into watercolor, serigraphy and encaustics. I don’t draw, or at least I didn’t. I’ve tried in the past and other artists have tried to teach me but to no avail. I decided to take Anne’s course and I challenged her at the beginning, telling her that I just can’t draw and doubt if I’ll be able to after one course. By the middle of the course I’d drawn a half decent self portrait but by the end I captured my image fairly well. I went on to sketch my wife and my dog with significant success. This is an incredible course by a lady who is a superb teacher. If she can teach me how to draw, she can teach anyone. The course I took was two hours a week for 10 weeks. I am grateful to Ms. Enochs for her superb lessons. -Norman S.

I have taken one class from Anne and loved it. It is structured, academic, works toward a specific goal and very simply you find yourself there. I love the fact it is a genuine class without the stress of it. I certainly will taking more in the future. And last, I loved her upbeat spirit, tolerence, and flexibility. -Ayda K.

Anne Enochs can bring out talent in anyone. Classes are always full of new techniques and so enjoyable the time flies by before you realize. Your knowledge base is enhanced no matter the level of your expertise. -Landy E.

If you are interested in art and want to get a great teacher to give you the basics to start or improve your drawing, Anne Enochs will be the person to do it. Her ten week course on drawing brought out talent I didn’t know I had. I recommend it to anyone. -Anne S.

I am eleven years old, and I took Ms. Anne’s class “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain”. As I was the only kid in an adult class, she made me feel comfortable and helped me with my drawing skills. I can definitely draw better than before! -Schidhar H.

I took drawing classes from Anne several years ago and thoroughly enjoyed them. I didn’t think I could draw a portrait from a live model, but discovered I could with Anne’s instruction and encouragement. She’s a good teacher and fun to be with! -Kay C.



Anne is a very patient art teacher with a wealth of knowledge. She is able to teach a wide variety of ages and skill levels. – Natalie C.