Fine Art Classes, Workshops and Instruction by Anne Enochs | Pastel Journal Presents Pastel Basics DVD with Anne Enochs
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Pastel Journal Presents Pastel Basics DVD with Anne Enochs

Two hour instructional DVD, chock full of information that you need to get started in the exciting medium of pastels! All about the medium, surfaces to work on, applications, demos and more.

This DVD is $59.95 and more than well worth the investment! If you would like to purchase this DVD, please Click on the Paypal link Below.
*Postage for DVD is $3

What people are saying about Pastel Basics:

“This DVD is full of basic information for the beginner. Nothing fancy, just good solid information.” -M.K.

“I truly enjoyed both the style of Anne’s teaching and all the information she included. It was nice to see her actual home and studio, and not a “production studio” look. I felt I was there with her as she spoke to me and gave all the basics needed to do a good pastel painting! Definitely recommend this DVD.” -Therese X.

Pastel Basics DVD

“If you are just starting out in pastels and know little to nothing about this wonderful medium, then this video is for you! I learned more in this highly instructive and informative video than I did reading several popular books on pastels.

The instructor may not be the most vibrant of personalities, but she does not waste her time or yours in conveying valuable and useful information every single minute to the video watcher. After watching this video, I finally had enough confidence to jump into working with pastels instead of just looking at beautiful pictures in books and dreaming about working with pastels.” -Tony G.

“I got this video to learn basic pastels to determine if I even want to try this medium. Anne’s information is excellent, but a little disorganized.

She had a script, which you could see her laying down and picking up, but she often was fumbling through all the stuff she had piled on her table. Also, she often confessed that she didn’t know some detail that would have been helpful.

“As good as this DVD was, she could have made it much better if this taping had been a practice run and she had corrected her problems and made a final DVD.
Also, she shows a very intriguing use of a “red thing” that she views her still life setup and paining with to determine value. She gave no information on what this was exactly and how to make or get one.

“Lest you think I am really downgrading this DVD, let me say that it was very helpful to someone with next to no knowledge of pastels, and it is appropriately titled “Pastel Basics”. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is just investigating this medium.” -Ebb B.

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